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Devu: A Day in the life of
Devu is a 16 year old girl who lives with her grandmother and her brother. Her parents passed away tragically when she was younger and her older brother who is the next-in-line patriarch of the family took charge of the home affairs. He didn't want Devu to continue her education because they couldn't afford it. She luckily was able to convince him to send her to a sewing workshop organized for young girls by a local non-profit and learnt the course with great enthusiasm. She managed to get a loan from a few of her neighbors and her brother and purchased a second hand sewing machine to contribute to the families income. Devu additionally sells Tobacco and cigarettes which she stores in an aluminum box under her bed. When asked about her aspirations for the future, she wanted to own her own tailoring business one day in a small shop close to home.

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