Life Underwater ​​​​​​​
As I begin to explore the depths of my existence and my dependence to this planet, I chose to walk high up in the mountains and dive deep down into the oceans to regain my oneness with this planet.

By focusing on understanding how the radical shift in climate is affecting communities most vulnerable by it's damage, I want to learn more about how said communities have for generations thrived in their respective ecosystems either by trade, food or spirituality

I've seen potential and boundaries pushed beyond the limits we are introduced to and schooled into.

"No, don't do that, it's too dangerous"
"There are sharks in these waters"

Learn to accept that nature is dangerous. Respect that and in that danger, you will live. 
Photographing a free dive lesson at a depth of 20 meters/ 60 feet

Learning about Coral Reefs and their inhabitants. Understanding why Coral Reef Sharks are so valuable for the health of this Eco-system and why you should care even if you're sitting far far away from the ocean and have "nothing-to-do" with the ocean

There're all kinds of people underwater

Every Scuba Diver has moments like these. Float in the big blue, eyes closed and all you have is your breathing and the sounds of the ocean.