As I travel to remote communities around the world, I learn about life outside of urban settlements. The topography, the ecosystems, and how everything is dependent on one and another. I ask and investigate about how new climate patterns affects the communities as they are first impacted and are the least contributors to global warming. I learn about the symbiotic relationship these communities have with their environments which is native to human existence but long forgotten. It is a real eye-opener for me as an urban-dweller about how certain practices such as kitchen gardening, permanent agriculture- natural and simple instrumental remedies have been and continues to sustain families and villages for millennia. I also learn about the modern day challenges and threats that apply to these communities- like migration of younger people due to economic hardship which again ties in to climate change and environmental degradation. I would love to connect my research and learnings with someone who is academically or otherwise pursuing such work in the field of conservation

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